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Engineer Service Schematic Service Layout Service
Fab .Service Assembly Service Socket Purchase
Mechan Service Software Service Other:
Type of Board:
Wafer Sort Final Test Others:
Number of Sites: Qty of Board:
Tester System: Board Size:
Total DUT Pins: Num of Signals:
Pitch of DUT: Array Size:
Types of PWR: Types of GND:
Max Signal Spd: Material Preferred:
Board Thickness: Num of Layers:
Routing Requirements:
All Chans Best Fit Specified pin Assignments Differential Routing
Follow customer design rules
Impedance Control:
50 ohm +/- 10% 50 ohm +/- 5% 100 ohm +/- 10%
100 ohm +/- 5% No Requirement
Matching Requirements:
Max trace length Pair Matching Group Matching
All signal traces Matching
Special Process:
Silver Filled Back drill Micro vias
Epoxy Filled Via Plug Blind Vias
Soldermask: Soldermask color:
Other customer requirements:
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