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ATSPID is a global leader in semiconductor test ware solutions for high speed (6.4 GHz+), mixed signals and R/F applications. With over 50 years of test design and engineering expertise, our principals are recognized experts in Semiconductor testing and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) design.

We offer customized, high quality Probe Cards, Final Test DUT boards, Characterization Boards, and Burn-In Boards. ATSPID also provides sockets, docking plates and stiffeners used in semiconductor test equipment.

Our customized solutions enable you to effortlessly conduct frontend (pre-packaging) and backend (post-packaging) tests for microprocessors, ASICS, processors, video processors, storage chips, game chips, audio chips, network processors, and much more.

As a full service firm combining expertise in circuit board (PCB) design & engineering, layout, fabrication, assembly, and quality assurance, ATSPID is proud to provide complete 24/7 turn-key services. Our strong partnerships with the two largest and most advanced PCB fabrication houses allow us to provide the most cost-effective solutions to our customers. 

Our customers

Our customers include the world top two semiconductor companies, largest workstation company, largest semiconductor test equipment company, and world most advanced probe card company.

Our Philosophy

  • ATSPID stands for "At Top Speed." 

Expertise, accuracy, and fast design execution are our norms

We provide the best solutions for the most challenging high speed applications. We deliver excellent services and solutions ahead of time and within budget.

"Timing is everything – We always deliver the design on time. Our products work every time, all the time" – Alexander Dang, President and Founder of ATSPID



Alexander Dang – President, CEO and Founder

Alexander (BS Business, BSEE, MSCS, and MBA) brings over 30 years of design, engineering, management, and customer support expertise in the semiconductor industry. As a Fortune 500 engineering executive, Alexander has broad international experience in enterprise technology solutions. Currently, Alexander serves as the President and CEO of ATSPID, a global semiconductor test ware solutions firm he and two partners founded.

Prior to founding ATSPID, Alexander was a technical consultant with Credence Test Systems. He has also held various senior management positions at Vitesse, Cypress, ECTS, Xilinx, Teradyne, LTX, and Intel.

Alexander holds patents in the area of semiconductor testing design and engineering.

Historical Timeline


  • December – New office(sale rep and technical support) in Hsin Chu, Taiwan.


  • January – New sale rep in Manila, Philippines.


  • January – Opened a new design center in Nha Trang, Vietnam.


  • January – Revamped corporate website launched.


  • June –Tianjin expands office space, triples its growth
  • April – Moved to new HQ in Sunnyvale, CA.


  • June – Attend Semicon West 2007.


  • December – Official China Reception.
  • November – Tianjin Design Center Opens for service to Asia Sector.
  • September – ATSPID officially incorporated in San Jose, CA.