Atspid was formed in the Summer of 2006 to provide full service of high speed load board design and fabrication for semiconductor testing.

We offer customized, high quality Probe Cards, Final Test DUT boards, Characterization Boards, and Burn-In Boards. ATSPID also provides sockets, docking plates and stiffeners used in semiconductor test equipment.

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ATSPID is a global leader in semiconductor test ware solutions for high speed (6.4 GHz+), mixed signals and R/F applications. With over 50 years of test design and engineering expertise, our principals are recognized experts in Semiconductor testing and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) design.

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Jan 2009
Revamped corporate website launched.
Q4 2008
2008 ICCAD Annual Conference Summit Forum in Beijing, China

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  • Load Boards
  • Probe Cards
  • Test Cards
  • Mechanical
  • Socket

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